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SOAK Q Cartridge This SOAK Q Cartridge is equipped with state-of-the-art features that allow you to fully enjoy vaping. With the magnetic connector, it is easy to remove the protective film and install the cartridge back into the device. The silicone cover ensures a secure and tight fit. Now you can enjoy quality and comfortable vaping. Its easy handling saves you time and makes it easy to switch from one flavour of e-liquid to another. Enjoy the unique flavour and vapour that this cartridge can produce. Benefits of SOAK Q Cartridge:

  • Easy installation thanks to magnetic connector
  • Safe and strong silicone cover
  • Easy handling
  • It creates a superior taste experience
  • Quality steam production

How to use the SOAK Q cartridge correctly? 1.Remove the cartridge from the device. 2.Remove the protective film from the magnetic connector. 3.Remove the silicone cover. 4.Reinstall the cartridge. 5.Enjoy vaping.


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