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CBD Hemp – Blackberry Kush 10g



Blackberry Kush, also known as “BBK”, is an Indian hemp-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. The aroma of Blackberry Kush is relaxing and due to its high CBD content when further processed, it is often recommended for pain relief. Blackberry Kush offers a smooth aroma profile with a jet fuel flavor and aroma balanced with sweet berries. According to growers, this strain features dense and beautiful bits of purple and orange. This strain lasts approximately 7-8 blooms, although it does not usually have a high yield.


CBD <15% THC <1%



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CBD marijuana of the BlackBerry Kush variety is characterised by its high content of valuable CBD cannabinoids. It is a legally cultivable variety because the THC content does not exceed 1%. The high quality is also maintained thanks to the specific growing conditions, with the cannabis coming from greenhouses in southern Italy. Several years of selection of the best specimens have resulted in a variety with up to 15% CBD. Cultivation of this variety is legal  throughout the EU, including the Czech Republic.

CBD cannabis BlacBerry Kush is characterized by a typical fruity aroma. A  pack of 1 gram is available. To preserve the maximum quality of the substances contained, CBD flowers are packed in opaque and sealed doypack bags. The packaging is impermeable to air, so there is no  oxidation and no damage to the valuable CBD substances, which is very important for maintaining quality.

Why buy CBD hemp? It contains many beneficial substances and thanks to special varieties with very low THC content, it is suitable for the production of teas, sweets and various food supplements. CBD has recently enjoyed great popularity in brick-and-mortar stores and on the internet. Check out our other CBD cannabis offerings for flowers, oils, teas and more.

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