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What are moonrocks?
The origins of moonrock are a little unclear, but rumours abound that it was first invented by the Starbudz760 pharmacy, with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularising the product and having his own version called Kurupt Moonrock.

Moonrocks are a CBD megazord – they are basically buds of hemp (historically girlscoutcookies, but any variety will do), soaked or sprayed with CBD hash oil and then rolled in a kief. How strong are moonrocks?

Although the potency of each batch of Moon Rocks varies depending on how it is made/who makes it, the general consensus is that they are around 50% CBD (most flowers themselves average around 15% CBD).

Warmed Moon Rocks produces an extremely pleasant, terpene-rich kief flavor that will make you say, “Woohoo, this is delicious.” The clouds of smoke produced are super big and full, making every hit damn near his own experience.

And the effect? Oh friends, I don’t want anything else. It starts in the head and eventually spreads throughout the body to the toes. Moonrocks far and wide are one of those slow-moving , which you’re sure to feel at first glance, but 30 minutes later you realize you’ve reached the top of the mountain on the moon and you’re not ready for the return flight.

Pros and Cons of Moon Rocks: Pros: CBD can improve your mood a lot. Cost-effective – like drops, slow release ensures a longer experience. Great for medical patients or other people who want a high dose of CBD. Cons: They are too strong (not always good for everyone). Keep them in a cool, dry place;


CBD <50% THC <1%

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CBD MoonRock

Discover the greatness of CBD MoonRock – the pinnacle of quality in the world of CBD products. It is made from cannabis flowers that are soaked in cannabis extract and then sprinkled with the resin from the flowers, known as kief, creating a thick layer around each bud. The CBD content of MoonRock reaches up to 40%, while the THC level is less than 1%.

Moon Rock is really a TOP product. The production uses cannabis flowers that are soaked in cannabis extract and then sprinkled with resin from the flowers, also known as kief. The resin, which is the main carrier of substances such as THC or CBD, forms a thick layer around the cannabis stick.

The CBD in moonrock is as high as 40% CBD.

THC < 1%

CBD hemp is organically grown in greenhouses in sunny southern Italy. It is an approved and legal variety for cultivation, sale and use throughout the EU, including the Czech Republic.

For each package, the aim is to maintain quality as much as possible. For this reason, opaque and sealed doypack bags are used. Without contact with light and air, the active ingredients do not deteriorate and the CBD flowers retain their quality

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